Moving From Early Careers To Advanced Careers Blogging



I started blogging careers when I was still at university, in 2010. And once I graduated I started my own blog Career Geek in 2011. It’s been three years and I’ve contributed over 300 articles, a graduate job search ebook, produced items that have been downloaded more than 25,000 cumulatively. All this without marketing or using any back hand tactic.

The reason I blogged careers, was because I had gained enough information to pass it on to other students and graduates. For me it was a less formal way of sharing information.

Now though, I think I have reached my saturation point with respect to early careers blogging. I blog less and less about student and graduate career. I focus more on new technology, startups, social media, finance and more experienced careers musings.

For this reason, I think I will start a separate blog to this to share my more mature thoughts (<- weird analogy that).

Career Geek Blog will still be there, it will still be online and still be sharing information from other people on it. It’s not going anywhere. I am though. I will most likely start blogging on Career Geek Pro.

Career Geek has ad an amazing set of people that have worked with it. Everybody has moved on now… it’s just me now. And that’s a weird feeling.

How will my Pro blog work out? I don’t know yet. The idea is it will be more me and less of other bits. It will still be open for sharing other peoples views, because information should be shared. But for now, I don’t know when or how it will work out.

At the same time if I do write something for students or graduate careers, then I would still publish that on Career Geek Blog.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me on Career Geek Blog. If you enjoy my writing there is more to come, on Career Geek Pro this time.

p.s. I am still proud of being one of the best career advice blogs and also being listed as top 150 careers blog.