Managing the Cost of University Life

manage uni costs
Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

Student days are the best. That sense of freedom from Mom and Dad. Getting out of bed when you want. Cutting class and not needing a note. But all too soon, things can get tough and there’s usually one single cause: money. Money’s the lifeblood of education. Without money, you don’t get to go to school. Without a college degree you can forget the good job and the promising career.


There will be no better opportunity to tap your parent’s knowledge and you should really listen to what they say. Bringing up children is costly and if they’ve helped you get to college, you can count on the fact that they know something about managing money. Listen to them, they will help you.

Free Stuff

There are always opportunities to do free activities; free trials, 2for1 offers. Take them up as much as you can. If you need to make a purchase, always ask what discounts are available to students. You might even be able to negotiate more for less. The vast majority of businesses are willing to do some kind of deal to get the business.

Good Equipment

You can’t get away from investing in the essentials, such as laptop, or tablet computer for university. Do your research before buying the right machine for you. The cheapest doesn’t have to be the only option and you shouldn’t ignore everything else besides the iPad (unless you’re an apple devotee). Get something that will last and consider getting extended warranties for your equipment. You don’t want to find yourself with a dead laptop in the middle of a vital paper.

Loans and Scholarships

Every college has several different scholarships available to students. Some are based on subject, or course, while others can be related to your chosen career, of even the professions of your parents, or grandparents. There’s a lot available for those who search. And they’re not only available from your university; many festivals, charities and companies offer student opportunities that will help enable and empower.


Many student loan companies and personal credit institutions will be happy to loan you money for that great must-have experience; a summer vacation, for example. What they know is how much you’re going to have to spend to pay that money back and it will no doubt shock you to look back on just how much that indulgence has cost you over the years. Think carefully about taking more loans than you need to cover your student days.


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