How Management Could Be The Answer To Your Career Questions

Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

From a seated position, careers often appear to be monstrous behemoths of potential disaster, obscured by never-ending reams of indecision and made all the more difficult to tackle by their sheer life-altering weight. You’ll be pleased to hear, though you may not believe it, that this isn’t the case at all. In fact, careers are quite tameable, malleable and manageable, that is, once you know where you’re going.

Symptoms You Are Good at Management

Finding a career direction may be the only thing more daunting than getting started on managementthe career itself. Are you unsure what you want to do? Do you know what you’re good at, and how that might be workable in a professional capacity? Quite often we know our skill-set, but don’t know how it fits into a job sector; we know what we can do, but can’t find any area these abilities relate to particularly. Chances are, if you’re organized and have a dynamic social aptitude (which is a long way of saying you’re good with people), management might be the solution!

Of course, you’re no doubt wondering how the broad and rather general idea of management could be a definitive career choice, and how it would be applicable to you in particular. One thing about a management or a leadership-based role is that the two main factors are, quite simply, organization and people skills. If you can stay on top of everything, connect to people effectively, the innate qualifications are already there, and you can develop these skills into almost any management role out there. Better yet, you can develop into a genuine, positive leader, just by properly grasping the basics.

Is There a Career in Management

A career in management can open so many doors, they’re incalculable. You may go from thinking you have  a comparatively limited range of options, to choosing management and suddenly finding opportunities left, right and centre. Why is this? Because, in fact, the social skills required for effective management are quite particular, but once you develop them, you can apply them to just about any management situation available, and beyond.

Knowing what management is and is not could be a good indicator of whether it’s something that you feel suited for, so we’ve compiled a short cheat list below with things to remember as you embark on your career to the pinnacle of management success!

Management is NOT (or shouldn’t be):

  1. Enforcing
  2. Derogatory
  3. Negative
  4. Punishing
  5. Restrictive

The world of management is full of people in positions who think that simply exerting their power for the sake of doing so is worthy of the label management. This certainly isn’t the case. But then, how would you deal with certain managerial situations without restricting, or enforcing, or in some cases, punishing? Take a look at this list and see if it gives you any ideas:

Management is:

  1. Motivational
  2. Encouraging
  3. Forthcoming and open
  4. Understanding
  5. Based on a culture of two-way feedback
  6. Focused on relationships
  7. A dialogue, not a monologue

By utilizing those social skills to build an environment where your people can feel comfortable talking to you, where they are listened to, and formalities are dispensed with if they come at the expense of a working relationship, you’ll create a team of dedicated, motivated individuals and best of all, you’ll lay the foundations for you to become that revered, positive leader.

Does this sound like something you could do, or learn to do? Management offers illustrious career opportunities that provide variety and job satisfaction by the bucket load – consider your tomorrow today!

About Author: This article was written by Sean McPheat, a managerial expert whose insights have been featured on global TV networks, the covers of international magazines and in his array of published works. His advice can now be sought at his company MTD Training, who offer revered management training courses for any level of management! 

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