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Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

Hi, I am Faizan and some of you may know me as Career Geek from I successfully exit Career Geek in July 2015 after the site being bought out by a European company. After having taken a break for a few months, I decided to bring to life an idea that I had been thinking about for a couple of years now, enter Jobbuddy.


I introduce my new startup Jobbuddy.

Jobbuddy ( keeps track of jobs you want and simplifies your job search management. No more spreadsheets to track your jobs. Take your job search anywhere.

As a job seeker myself a few years ago, I struggled to keep track of all the jobs I wanted to apply to, namely  a job seeker would have three issues:

  1. the problem of saving a job on, for e.g. a PC in my university library, then going home and realising you don’t have the link for the job and searching again.
  2. a job deadline is missed because job seekers couldn’t prioritise which jobs to apply in which order?
  3. CV and cover letter documents, your CV is an integral part of your job search and you want it to be available anywhere you go – and not just stuck on your local machine.

Jobbuddy simplifies your job search management by tackling all three of the issues listed above.

Once you register for FREE with Jobbuddy, you can do the following:

Add a Job

You can add a job that you are interested in and would like to track. You can add the job from anywhere and access it on any device connected to the internet.

You can view all the jobs added on your Dashboard.

  • Job Title – add the title of the job as advertised
  • Company – add the name of the company the job is with
  • Description – copy and paste the job description from the advert or add your own
  • Deadline – select the application deadline for the job
  • Salary (optional) – add salary if advertised for the job
  • Link to job (optional) – keep track of the job advert to apply later by adding the link


View Dashboard

You can view all the jobs added on your Dashboard. For easy visibility, only job title, company and deadline are shown. You can view the full details by clicking on View.

Information displayed in Dashboard is as entered when the job was added.

    • Order by deadline – order jobs in ascending order of deadline, i.e. from earliest deadline to latest deadline.
    • View – on clicking this button, you can see the job title, company, description, deadline and an Apply link.


You can click on view to see details and link to apply to specific jobs as shown below.


Your Saved Files

When you jobsearch from anywhere, there are some key documents you always need with you. Ever felt feeling helpless, realising you kept your resume on the library PC or forgot your laptop at home and want to apply from your parent’s home?

Now you can. Upload and store your resume and cover letter and you can access your resume from anywhere.

      • File name – add the document you want to save in Jobbuddy
      • Upload file – upload your file by selecting ‘Click to upload file’ and hit Save. Saved files available on Files page.


Register for FREE on Jobbuddy

For a limited time, all registrations are free for new Jobbuddy users. When you register and start adding jobs, you can manage your job search from anywhere.If you have any questions or feedback please let me know in comments below or tweet me @Jobbudyco.This is just a start of simplifying job search for job seekers, there are many more features to arrive as we grow 🙂Visit

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