Malet Lambert School Student Writes for National Careers Week #NCW2015

Hello my name is Michael; I am a student of Malet Lambert School in the UK who is currently doing Applied Business Studies. I have been doing a range of subjects like Digital Media; Business studies and Geography.


What I hope to become in the future and how I am going to achieve it?

In the future I am hoping to join the military, although this is only because of the job type I hope to become. I hope to become a Helicopter pilot so I am going to join the military to get some training and a Helicopter Pilots license. To become a helicopter pilot I would need 5 GCSE’s ranged from an A*- C, although currently if everything goes to plan I should be able to achieve this. The part of the Military I hope to join is the Royal Navy as I don’t want to be in the action. I do not want to say in the military though as I would only be joining to get my Helicopter Pilots licence and experience, however I hope to become a private helicopter pilot for organisations such as the Air Sea Rescue/ Air Ambulance or just somebody who taxis people to places.  The way that I am going to achieve this is by working hard to get good grades and to be on-time with everything.

What I have done in Business so far?

In my business studies I have been doing work on 2 companies. HSBC and a local company KWL. So far we have found out the aims and objectives, business ownership, business ethics and business profit research on both of our businesses. Currently we have gone to our local company KWL and have had a person from HSBC come in to give us a talk, although we are planning a trip to a HSBC branch. I have also researched the organizational structures of both KWL and HSBC; this would be the hierarchy of the business and the power and responsibility of the employees. I have found out how this affects the workflow of the business for the good and bad.

What I am going to do in Business in the future?

In business in the future I am going to find out how our businesses are organised, what the 5 main working areas of the business’ are and how they play a role in the business, how these areas communicate well together and outside the business, I will be finding out the most important forms of communication and why and finally producing a bibliography/evaluation of all my research and sources. I will also be completing 3 controlled assessments down the line which will cover the different areas of research/work we have done.


By Michael from  Malet Lambert School.