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How to Make Your Office More Secure – 6 Security Tips to Put Your Mind at Ease

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Running your own business certainly comes with its own set of ups and downs. From the highs of hitting those targets and winning contracts, to the lows of dealing with employees and staff retention. Another issue that many business owners face is keeping their property safe and secure. With expensive equipment inside, possible cash, personal details and of course confidential information, it’s enough to keep you awake at night.

Here you’ll find 6 security tips that will hopefully put your mind at ease.


Installing CCTV around your business premises will definitely make you feel better and also, potentially deter thieves. You’ll have to display video surveillance signs, but placing CCTV all around the outside of the building will ensure thieves keep away and if anything occurs outside the building e.g. car damage you can always check the CCTV for clarity and reference.

Secure the premises

How strong are the doors and windows on your property? Could they be stronger? If the answer is yes, then look at getting them reinforced or having them replaced by a security firm entirely. If your building doesn’t have an alarm then get one installed. Consider using a key fob system so only employees can gain entry or a key code system for the senior members of staff.
Shutters and grilles are also a good option, although, this may depend on the type of business premises you have. These kinds of security additions will be expensive; however, you might find that your insurance premiums go down.

Carry out a risk assessment

Knowing what dangers there are will help you to lower the level of risk to yourself, your employees, customers and of course your business in general. Get in touch with a firm that can carry out a risk assessment and see what they come back with.

Secure equipment

From computers to construction tools, make sure you audit the numbers and the equipment you have. Complete regular checks to ensure that everything is accounted for. Give equipment serial numbers and tag equipment and record all the details. You could always consider securing some larger items to the floor.

Protect your confidential information

Personal details of customers and those of your employees need to be kept confidential. If not, then it could jeopardize the integrity of your business and you could be in trouble legally. Not everyone should have access to these files, so ensure there are controls put in place to stop general access. Change passwords regularly and make sure you have the very latest firewall systems in place and keep them updated. Don’t forget to shred any paper waste!

Protect staff and yourself

Ensuring that all staff – including yourself – know what to do in an extreme situation is important for everyone’s safety. For example, how to deal with someone who wants the money from the till or an aggressive shoplifter. The last thing you want is anyone getting hurt whilst they try to defend your business. Ensure proper training and protocols are put in place.

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