Are Long Holidays At Work Worth It? Not If You Read This

are holidays worth it

It’s a sad fact that the evenings are getting darker and the winter months are drawing in; the majority of people have now taken their main summer holiday and are spending their downtime planning their next one.

However, are we overestimating the respite our summer holiday brings us?

are holidays worth it

Is it time to reconsider taking long holidays, are they worth the stress?

Holiday Hindsight

If we consider the process of going on holiday – the weeks prior filled with tying up loose ends, writing up handovers for colleagues and working extended hours – it’s no surprise that many people return from their holiday feeling no different to how they felt before they left. Furthermore, 20% of holidaymakers report being more stressed after their break. Their biggest worry? The workload waiting for them upon their return.

There’s no denying that summer holidays will always be the highlight of the working person’s calendar, but it’s important to take measures during the rest of the year to ensure you’re always feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to work.

Long Weekends

15% of workers often don’t use their full annual leave allowance during the year – if this is you, why not invest in some long weekends? A day away from the office could make just as much impact as two weeks away. Plan these around family birthdays or at the end of a period you’ll know will be busy at work; your handovers won’t be as long, meaning no extended hours in the run up, and you’ll appreciate the time to recharge.

Working from Home

If this is an opportunity you can take, working at home can be that time away from the formal workplace you need. Though some people deem this time isolating or feel that they aren’t as productive, if you have a big project, this could be a productive working option. It will allow you to get your head down, concentrate and not get pulled in to any extra tasks around the office.

Taking Time for You

You might think your time is best spent being 100% dedicated to work, but consider setting some time aside for yourself and concentrating on your own well being. Whether this is booking the aforementioned long weekend, or just making sure you leave work at a reasonable time, switching off for just a few hours will help you to feel invigorated when you do get back to work.

Remember why you go on holiday in the first place and what you enjoy about it – the physical time away, the interaction with a different group of people, or just a change of scenery – and find ways to apply these factors in your daily life. You’re sure to feel more focused at work and less inclined to feel the drag of the winter period.

About Author – Jessica Higham  works in the marketing department of Sellick Partnership, a recruitment agency specialising in the finance, procurement and legal sectors. Established in 2002, the firm has expanded to six offices, offering recruitment solutions nationwide.

photo credit: Andrea Costa Creative via photopin cc