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Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

We get a lot of requests for CV reviews. Most of these are from students and some graduates who are just about to hit the overcrowded job market or have just come across a job they want to apply for, but have to get their CV in order!

Students are busy at university with all sorts of stuff and having been there myself, I cannot blame them too much 🙂

Sometimes students have to wait for a few days before they can even meet someone to get their CV reviewed or even start writing! But that is about to change with our planned 5-Day CV Diet Package.

cv diet teaser

We are still discussing this package and it is by no means complete, but as our readers, I am giving you a sneak peek of this 5-Day CV Diet.

1. Career Geek Blog is planning to offer multiple CV templates (from real people, who used them to get a job!)

2. I will review your CV in two phases. Initial review and final review. So we can get the quick wins – like font, readability, spelling and grammar, layout, etc. out of the way in the initial review. The final review will have the more intricate touches ironed out.

3. A tool to help you track this process and make sure you complete the process of building an awesome CV!

4. A guide to help you build an online CV! Not only is the guide FREE, all the resources we have compiled to help you build your CV are FREE, too.

Essentially, this is your 5-Day CV Diet, and that’s what Career Geek will help you with. For a small cost we will help you build your CV and offer you the other additions as mentioned above.

It’s time to say goodbye to waiting times and spending a whole load of green on building your CV. We plan to make the process more efficient and affordable to students and graduates. But the best thing of all is the support you get in the whole process.

When are we going to launch it? I am not sure, it’s something you will have to wait for… but once it’s available, you will be the first to know! What do you think of this offering? And how much would you pay for a service like this? Do comment below…

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