In Your Last Semester of College, Don’t Waste Time Looking Back

[one_fourth last=”no”]The biggest fear after college is that of the unknown” – Tonya Vrba [/one_fourth]We are into February already. In only three months, May will be upon us and I, like many, will be graduating from college. Graduation is almost equivalent to being thrown to the wolves, my weapon of choice, a Bachelor’s Degree. If my education is strong and has true value, I will, no doubt, persevere. If not, the wolves will consume me. This semester I’ve been doing a lot of looking back. Regret is trying to throw a wrench into my plans, but I won’t let it. Regret has no place in the celebration of your education. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you face the world after college.

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1) Think of the great classes you’ve taken

All college students have at least one or two classes they wish they had never taken. Maybe they got a bad grade or maybe the class was just pointless. Don’t think about the classes you should have or shouldn’t have taken. A student could stay in college for decades and still never take every class they are interested in. Instead, focus on what you have learned. There are many who would give anything to be in your shoes. Whatever your GPA is, be proud.

2) Don’t let finances derail you

Like most college students, you’ve no doubt earned a hefty amount of student debt over the past years. Don’t think about the money you may have wasted going out and having fun. As frivolous as those actives may seem, they are essential. Your friendships were not solely formed in the classroom. These friends now form your support system and many of them are facing graduation right by your side. Everyone has debt. It may be necessary to continue living like a poor college student for some time after college, but it will all be worth it. Never doubt the quality of education and friendship that money earned you.

3) Look for jobs constantly

Upon graduation many face the daunting task of finding a job. Don’t stress out about finding a job, but make sure you are always actively looking. Start looking for a job before graduation and you will have no regrets. If you are one of those who worries about having a job in the future, there is no better remedy than to start looking now. Don’t think about the number of rejections you may get. Rest in the peace of knowing you are doing all you can to snag a job. Increase your chances by having your college career center look over your resumes and cover letters. Use the resources your college offers while you still have them.

4) Take control

Where will you live? What will your salary be? Where will your friends be? What will your life look like in a year and will you be happy? There is no way to prepare for every ‘what if’ in life. Instead, take control of what you can influence and rest in the fact you have done all you can. Make a possible budget to live off after college. Plan out what you will do if you don’t find a job. There are options, like staying in your college town until you find a job or moving back in with your parents. You will feel happier and more confident if you have a game plan for any situation.

5) Relax and have fun

This is your last semester of college! Graduation will come fast. Enjoy your college experience while it is here. Be happy and proud of what you have accomplished. Cherish your last semester. This is the end of an era in your life. Don’t let it pass without a little celebration.

I extend early congratulations to all college students facing graduation. The personal and professional growth you have experienced in the past years will propel you into the future. Be ever confident and ever positive and good things will come your way!

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