Jobs you can get in the UK with the HND Healthcare Practice Course

Choosing a post-secondary route can be difficult; there are so many programmes, course options, and potential careers to choose from that it can be almost impossible to decide.

If you’ve been eyeing the HND in Healthcare Practice but have been hesitant to commit because you aren’t sure it will get you the career you want, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to help show you what jobs you can get in the UK with the HND in Healthcare Practice, and how the HND in Healthcare Management can really broaden your employment horizons.

What is the HND Healthcare Practice Course?

The HND in Healthcare Practice offers a unique combination of highly specialised knowledge and skills which pertain to the effective practice of health and social care which also factor in employability skills along with academic learning.

It is very much a ‘hands on’ approach!

Get an HND in Healthcare Practice and work as a…

Health Educator

A health educator is responsible for teaching people about practices and behaviours that promote health and wellness. They work with people to begin living healthier lives by developing strategies for implementing these behaviours and practices into their lives.

Research Assistant

Research assistants typically assist with various medical and scientific studies by finding suitable subjects for clinical trials and helping to collect and analyse the data found through these trials.

They will most commonly work for hospitals or laboratories.

Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare administrators do it all.  Essentially, they are responsible for the general management of the given healthcare facility, which could be a hospital, clinic, laboratory, pharmacy, nursing home, etc.

The administrator will handle tasks such as: staffing, budgeting, record-keeping, etc.

Senior Care Assistant

Who doesn’t love old people, right?

If you are kind, compassionate, and dedicated to the wellbeing and happiness of our seniors, this is the job for you.

You will be responsible for providing support and assistance to the elderly with their daily tasks, offering companionship and emotional support.

Patient Support Service Worker

Patient support workers are there to provide support and assistance, in a non-medical manner, to patients either in their homes or in the hospital/clinic/care home/etc.

They usually carry out tasks, such as daily living, personal care and hygiene, restorative activities and even home management; essentially the types of tasks that patients would typically carry out themselves, if physically or cognitively capable of doing so.


Or go back to school!


Many students who successfully complete the HND Healthcare Practice course continue their education by applying for bachelor’s degree programmes in a variety of fields, including: Health Management Studies, Health and Social Care, Adult Nursing, Public Health, and so on.

The options are endless!

Well, maybe not endless but trust us, you’ll have options and you’re sure to find a career you love!

The HND Healthcare Practice course is a great way to help launch your career in the healthcare industry, but can also be a stepping-stone to furthering your education. Regardless of which path you choose, the HND Healthcare Practice course can help get you there.

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