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Written by Faizan Patankar

Back in 2015, I started I created a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get feedback on the product I was creating.

It was amazing. The feedback received showed, there is a real need for a job search management system that allowed job seekers to organise their job search. Using spreadsheets for job search management was good. However, Jobbuddy has made it even easier to manage job search.

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  • Manage your job search online

In May 2016, the new Jobbuddy was launched. It offers great benefits to job seekers. In the world where everything is “connected” job search still felt offline. overcomes that.

What do you mean by Job Search Management? offers you features that help you manage your job search.

On a daily basis job seekers are going through 10s if not 100s of jobs. And sometimes you need to save a job before coming back to it later. You can either bookmark the job or save it in an excel sheet.

But what happens once you don’t have your laptop?

Exactly, you lose that information. Job search management is still by and large done in an offline manner. Stop emailing spreadsheets and links to job to yourself.

Use Jobbuddy to manage all this and much more. let’s you

  •  Save jobs in a dashboard with deadline, salary and job description
  • Be notified when the job application deadline approaches
  • You can save your documents (e.g. Cover letter, Resume, certificate, etc) securely
  • Save competency Q&As in Jobbuddy. Login and re-use the answers in various applications
  • Manage career contacts in once place
  • Add tasks to each job and be reminded on the task deadline

All of these features available to you with a free account on

Track jobs you want and simplify your job search management. No more spreadsheets to track your jobs. Take your job search anywhere.


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