Job Search Management Tools To Organise Your Job Search

Written by Faizan Patankar

There is a perception that those who are looking for a job have a lot of time on hand. Those who are in job search will tell you it couldn’t be further from truth! Today, job seekers are applying for more jobs than ever before. And job search management is a full time job within itself.

There are different tools that job seekers can use to help with their job search management. I highly recommend it during your job search. Failing to organise your job search will lead to chaos and you will spend your energy on non-value added activity in your jobsearch.

In this post, I will share two job search management tools, one is offline in a job tracking spreadhseet, whilst the second is online job tracking tool, Jobbuddy.

Use job tracking spreadsheet – [Offline Method]

These are still popular with job seekers. Job tracking spreadsheets are beneficial to some job seekers as they can customise it and personalise it to their needs.

Here is one job application tracking spreadsheet I have created for job seekers. A screenshot of it is below.

job application tracking spreadsheet

You can download the job application tracking spreadsheet to manage your job search. It allows you to add job title, company online link to apply, deadline date, etc amongst other crucial fields.

To take hold of your job search management, I advise using the job application tracking spreadsheet (at the minimum). It is available in two formats, Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet.

This is an offline job search management tool, which means, any information you save on the spreadsheet stays on the laptop or computer that the document is saved on. You can only access it on your local machine.

[download id=”113″] 

Link to Google Spreadsheet

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To be truly online, you can use Jobbuddy to track jobs you want and access the information from any computer connected online. This will make your job search management extremely organised.

Track Jobs You Want Online – Jobbuddy

Jobbuddy (Jobbuddy.co) keeps track of jobs you want and simplifies your job search management. No more spreadsheets to track your jobs. Take your job search anywhere.

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As a job seeker myself a few years ago, I struggled to keep track of all the jobs I wanted to apply to, namely  a job seeker would have three issues:

  1. the problem of saving a job on, for e.g. a PC in my university library, then going home and realising you don’t have the link for the job and searching again.
  2. a job deadline is missed because job seekers couldn’t prioritise which jobs to apply in which order?
  3. CV and cover letter documents, your CV is an integral part of your job search and you want it to be available anywhere you go – and not just stuck on your local machine.

Jobbuddy simplifies your job search management by tackling all three of the issues listed above. Organise your job search with Jobbuddy. Here’s a blog post I wrote on it’s features.

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