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Job Songs To Keep You Motivated During Your Job Hunt

job songs

A couple of weeks ago, I took to Twitter to ask for some motivational job songs. The hashtag was #jobsongs and you had to reply to @career_geek. Now, I like music, and during my job hunt it kept me going from one day to the next. Although I survived listening to Eminem songs, as that’s what I like.

I had a few people reply to my request and I promised a mention in this article, so here it is 🙂

First up was Rebecca, who also blogs for us regularly.

And of course, Rebecca beat me to my own game! I was second to reply… but I do love the song and think it will motivate you in any scenario.

Next suggestion came from Janet, founder of the Careers Defender website. And what’s better than 1? Well, 2. Yep, 2 suggestions from Janet.

One of our most interactive and a top commentator blogger is Leo. He writes for us and is becoming an expert in the careers blogging world!

Finally, it was Brenda who submitted her suggestion, too. Oh and she has her own blog, too, which is worth a visit.

Well peeps, thanks for that. I am sure someone somewhere will find these songs useful and hey, I like building playlists, so this could just be the start of an open source playlist collation for motivational job hunt songs.

If you want to suggest a song, get a mention and add to the playlist , simply comment below or reply to the original tweet here.

photo credit: Fey Ilyas via photopin cc

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  • Cheers for the mention! 🙂 Definitely going to keep all of these songs on a playlist to get pumped whilst I’m doing my grad applications… *groan* anything for a little bit of motivation!