5 Job Searching Techniques In A Recession

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A lot has been said, discussed and debated about the negative implications of recession on job opportunities for graduates. But one thing that has been majorly overlooked is the fact that there are two sides to every story. While some industries are badly affected in such tough economies, there are some sectors which are thriving. Thus, you need to adapt accordingly and the career opportunities would bloom.

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Searching for a job during recession is tricky. Owing to the market downfall, you may not land your dream job initially, but entering in the market paradigm becomes the major goal. For example, if you strive to become a loan officer and you have the required financial background, then you can enter into any career related to finances to get the required experience and the market exposure. Likewise, the following tips can prove to be beneficial in effective job search during a recession:

1. Job Search Strategy

In order to excel during recession, you need to strategize your job searching techniques. Old methodologies like browsing through the Sunday job ads, posting your resume to job sites or calling few friends, etc., will not generate your desired results. These techniques, in fact, do more harm than good, as recruiters would not help you, because you have already provided free information to the hiring firms. In addition, with your average resume, you’re more likely to be a part of the vast pool consisting of job seekers.

2. Opt for the Company over the Job

With the traditional job search techniques, what we usually lack is proper insight into the market conditions in order to strategize appropriately. While some firms handle the recession successfully, there are others who fail to do so. Thus, study the market conditions around the leading firms and apply accordingly, as again, the main motive is a successful entry in the corporate environment.

3. Analyze Different Business Paradigms

What we fail to realize, when looking for jobs, is that there are multiple job opportunities that we easily overlook. There are multiple mid sized companies that are stable and can prove to be a great stepping stone for your career. Thus, you have to adapt accordingly. For example, if you are graduating as a home decorator, during recession you can contemplate home staging as a career option. Or if you have a diploma in home packing, you can suitably apply in any business relocation service. During market downfall, some ventures change their locations for cost cuttings, thus relocation services flourish.

4. Prepare Resume Like a Proposal

You cannot help but agree that there are hundreds of other graduates who are as efficient and educated as you are. Then, what is it that would outshine you amongst the rest? It’s your resume. It should be concise, so that it raises curiosity in the employer to know more about you, while at the same time, detailed enough to highlight your qualities. Thus, prepare your resume like a business proposal. Instead of stating your achievements, describe how you would be useful for a particular venture.

5. Be Flexible

Market conditions are not the same everywhere. While job opportunities can be in surplus in one state, conditions might not be favourable in another. So, be ready to adapt accordingly. If work requires you to shift to another country, do so. The right decisions at the onset of your career can take you a long way in the future.


James Harrison works as a freelance writer. He regularly contributes write ups to business websites and blogs with most of his writings based on tips for small business set-ups, office movers and marketing techniques. In his free time he plays sports, mainly soccer and chess. He is also passionate about reading fiction and travelling.

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