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In The Middle Of A Job Search Every Moment Is An Opportunity

Written by Grace Gardiner
Every moment is an opportunity.
When you’re in the middle of a job search for that dream career you’ve always wanted, it can be hard. It can be exhausting, draining, time consuming, and it can make you feel as though you just want to give up. But don’t. Not just yet anyway.
Life is hard, we all know that well, I’m sure,but we have to try and live our lives through the positives. Stuck in a boring retail job or bar job just to pay the bills until you get your perfect role? You are not alone. And you need to remember that at least you have work, you have money coming in and you have security. And that’s special. Perhaps if you are in a job like these, and you hate it, have you thought outside the box about what opportunities you could be open to whilst working there?
The most important thing that anyone can do on a job hunt is to make contacts. And if you work, part-time or full-time, and get the chance to talk to the public, then what is stopping you from building up your contact list? You never know who you could meet, so get chatting ASAP. Make polite conversation, be interested in their lives, ask what they do as a job, and if it’s similar to your desired field of work, tell them and you never know what could happen. A simple email could lead to a million possibilities, so if you get the chance to gain their details, then by all means do it! It could be the break you’ve been looking for. I’ve been given opportunities through word of mouth, or mainly through opening my mouth and asking questions. You won’t regret it.
We need to always think of the positives in every situation, and this is a great way of doing just that. So get chatting, get socialising, get building contacts and let me know if this small tip has helped you.

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Grace Gardiner

I am an aspiring writer, and I've always thought that if I can't get famous myself, I may as well write about famous people instead. I have worked all over, from More magazine, to Heat, Closer and Grazia, with even a little bit of This Morning thrown in there!
Celebrities are a big passion of mine, and it is my dream to have a job which involves them in some way!