How to Get Past Your Job Search Fears

change is necessary in job search

how to get over job search fears

Beginning a new job search can be scary. For most of us, new opportunities make us anxious or fearful because we don’t know what lies ahead. We hop on job search sites and pick out a handful of exciting job prospects, but never actually follow through with them.

Venturing out of your comfort zone and meeting new opportunities with positivity and enthusiasm can help you find success and land the job you’ve always wanted. If you’re letting fear get in the way of your job search, it’s time to move past it once and for all.

New Opportunities Help You Grow

We grow the most when we take on new challenges and overcome our fears. Starting a new job search or entering a new career gives us an opportunity to learn and grow. Sure, the unknown can be frightening, but new opportunities are the most rewarding and powerful experiences. And when you overcome your fears, you learn new things about yourself that will add to your character and your perspective of the world.

Change is Sometimes Necessary

change is necessary in job search

It’s often said that change is the most frightening when you need it the most. When fear overwhelms you, it can feel as if you’re standing on the precipice; unsure of whether you should take a leap of faith, or return to your comfort zone.

Sometimes, change is necessary – and change can be overwhelmingly frightening. Many of us view fear as a signal that we should turn back, but when it comes to a new job search, you should view your fears as a signal that you’re moving in the right direction.

Create a Solid Plan for Success

Fear is a very real emotion. But what we’re afraid of is failure. We’re afraid that we’ll try to get a new job, but fail. Or the new job won’t be a good fit for us. Ultimately, there are no guarantees in life. The new job may not work out, but you gave it a good try. And if you have a solid backup plan in place, failure suddenly becomes far less frightening.

Sit down and create a “what happens if” plan. If you can’t find a new job, what will you do? If the new job doesn’t work out, what will your next move be? Creating a plan will remove the frightening “unknown” and ease some of your worries.

plan how to be successful in job search

While you’re creating your backup plan, take the time to create an effective job search and career management strategy. Learn what it takes to thrive in your new field and the best job searching tactics to help you create a roadmap to success.

Once you know what it takes to succeed and have plans in place, you’ll find that most of your fears will disappear. If they haven’t, write down the fears that are still holding you back, and find solutions to overcome those fears. And on those rare occasions when fear is telling you to be cautious, take a step back and rethink your plans.

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  • When you conquer your fear then know that you are about entering a new frontier. This has always been the way to succeed: Idea – Plan – Action, when you are about to take the action fear might come in but with proper planning then you have nothing to fear. Planning is very important, cause when you fail to plan then you are planning to fail, plan is a constant.