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30+ Most Asked Job Interview Questions And How To Answer Them


Job interview questions

Here are 34 most asked job interview questions and some tips on how to answer them. There is a reason interviewers keep asking the same questions again and again, as it helps them standardise the process a little bit.

Top one of the mos asked job interview questions is the usual culprit “Tell Me About Yourself” . Remember to answer this question by sticking to the work related stuff. Don’t go into divulging too many personal details until you are asked along those lines.

Here’s a tip to answer any of the listed or any other job interview questions. Answer specific questions with the STAR technique

  • Situation: describe the situation
  • Task: what was the task at hand for you
  • Action: what planning/action did you undertake
  • Result: conclude with what was the direct result of your involvement (good or bad)

Whilst you are looking at most asked job interview questions you can have a look at the statistics of what happens in a job interview.

Here are the 34 most asked job interview questions in a handy infographic.

most asked job internview questions infographic

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