Is Your Credit Report Affecting Your Job Hunt?

Growing up, we were never taught that it was a possibility that our credit report could affect our future employment. How were we to know that it was even in the realm of something that could happen? If you are currently on the job hunt and have less than stellar credit, it’s time to start thinking of ways to implement cleaning up your credit report.

First things first

Having a low credit score doesn’t mean that it should stop you from applying for jobs that you are qualified for or jobs that you want. It just means that you need to be aware that there are some places that, with your permission, will check your credit as part of their employment process. You can handle it one of two ways. Wait until they find it on your credit report and ask you about it, or be upfront with them and offer an explanation to go along with it.

Think about the last job that you applied for. Did it check your credit? More than likely, if you aren’t in the financial employment section, many employers don’t worry about checking credit.

However, if you are wanting to work in an industry dealing with money, loans, or if the employer wants to, there may be a chance that your credit may be checked.

What are the red flags?

What would count as red flags to an employer when checking your credit? Most people understand that life happens and during your younger years, there may not have been the best financial decisions made. Employers are typically not as worried about smaller things but are more looking for red flags in regards to liens, foreclosures, things along those lines.

Why those?

Employers are looking for signs that show that you may not be the most responsible or trustworthy. When hiring an employee, it’s an important decision that isn’t taken lightly.
Don’t let the fact that your credit score may be checked discourage you from applying and looking for a job. Again, if the situation arises where an employee wants to check your credit, talk to them about what they are going to find, and why it is there.

It’s up to you about how personal that you want to go into details with them, but if this job is seriously something that you want, then you may have to explain why your credit report presents itself in a certain way.

Checking your credit

If you are convinced that there is something wrong or inaccurate on your credit report, then you need to take the appropriate steps and have it addressed. If there is a mark that you honestly have no idea how it got there, and it shows up on a check by your potential employer, you have the right to research and find out what it could be.

Remember that not all companies check your credit, but you’ll not know who those are until you get through the interview stage and have an offer waiting. If you have a job interview coming up, check your credit score before you go that way there won’t be any surprises when you least expect it.

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