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7 Steps To Writing An Interview Winning Resume

how to write interview winning resume infographic
Written by Faizan Patankar

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to write an interview winning resume. Follow these 7 simple steps to producing an interview winning resume.

Here are some key take-away from the infographic below on how to write an interview-winning resume in 7 simple steps. Produced by our friends over at StandOut CV.

#1 – To Produce An Interview Winning Resume – Research your market

This isn’t rocket science isn’t it? To do anything well, you need to research on the topic. Same is the case with writing an interview winning resume. You need to research the market.

Find out about the industry, what are the keywords in the industry etc.

Browse through relevant adverts and make a list of the most important candidate requirements

Oh, and if you need help to organise your job search, try Jobbuddy.co . It’s a great tool to add all your jobs and manage them in a single dashboard, including being notified when a job deadline approaches.

#2 – Format & structure your resume properly

I can’t stress enough how important it is to format your resume properly. Ideal length for your resume is 2 pages and definitely no more than 3 pages.

I mention more on good and bad format for your resume in an earlier post, Review Your CV With These 5 Easy Steps

#3 – Write a punchy profile

As Standout-CV points out

Your profile is the very first thing an employer will read on your resume, so it needs to make an impact and keep them interested.

Summarise what you can offer an organisation and try sticking to hard facts like industry experience, software knowledge, language etc.

Here’s a good Jobs.ac.uk article on how to write a personal statement.

#4 – Structure and write your role descriptions

This is important because until you get to speak to the recruiter, the only evidence you can provide is on your resume.

How you write on your resume is as important as what you write on your resume.

These are 4 of 7 simple steps to writing an interview winning resume. Find out the remaining steps in the infographic below.

Infographic - how to write an interview winning CV

How to write an interview winning CV

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