Dilbert: Interview Preparation or Good Luck

Dilbert interview preparation

Bad Preparation or Bad Luck

Every Friday, we try and bring the funny side of careers. A light-hearted approach to jobs, interviews, etc. Today’s comic strip is from my favourite engineer and counsellor Dilbert. The strip is a hilarious to the end, but it has a subtle message in there if you look carefully… PREPARATION is key.

Yes, doing background research on a company is important. For more information on doing a background research to achieve a good result in interview or graduate application, see my post Doing Background Research for graduate applications and graduate jobs.

This week we have had two new bloggers contributing to Career Geek Blog and have started discussion around some new issues.

Emily Hankinson writes about Virtual Internships a love story, where she asks if it is a way forward and brings on experience from someone who has done one such internship.

Erica Roberts contributed a very good article with some strong questions whether Universities should inform about job opportunities at start of uni. Will Graduates Work For Nothing? She recognises the importance of internships and is doing one now, what do you think of the points she’s raised in her article.


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(Image Credit: Scott Adams, Dilbert)