Intern for a Start-up via Enternships


We all know about internships and most students and graduates are scrambling to find an internship with a top employer. But with Enternships, students and graduates are now getting a ‘real world experience’ with start up companies.

intern at enternships

Essentially, Enternships.com connects dynamic and talented students and graduates with start-up companies.

If you are a student or graduate looking for the boring unpaid internships, or going for the big names and have been rejected day-in day-out, maybe it’s time to take a break and have a look at Enternships.

Enternships has had big name start-ups like Groupon, Just-Eat, zipcar etc., whilst still advertising for many of the lesser know names that can be found on the list of employers on enternships here.

Now, do I like Enternships? Yes, I do!

Have I always liked Enternships? No, I haven’t.

So, what has changed?

Enternships came to my notice round about a year ago: I had just got my job and was going to work for a decent Engineering company. But I didn’t want to write about them, as I was put off by names like Wonga and PayPal being classed as ‘Start-ups’, and the whole idea of working for a start-up as an intern when most of it would be unpaid.

For those of you who don’t know yet, I am against unpaid internships.

But then, with more research and insight into the market, I realised that the UK is growing on the start-up scene and many students and graduates would benefit if they actually worked for these SMEs or start-ups. And that’s when I saw value in what Enternships does.

A year later, I am writing about Enternships, after having spoken to David Goldman, Head of Sales, Enternships.com at the Youth Enterprise Live event in London.

If you are a student still at uni, I would strongly recommend giving Enternships.com a look. Simply because a short internship with a start-up company can give you more core experience and satisfaction of having achieved something, rather than going for the big names and wearing posh suits.

Enternships.com is filling a gap in the market by providing start-ups and SMEs with young entrepreneurial students, who might just want some real-life experience and the satisfaction of doing something valuable. If you are a self starter, you should head over to enternships.com now!