How Technology Is Changing Job Hunting

social media in job search
Written by Simi Gupta

social media in job search

The Rise of Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it! Social media has taken over the world! However, is that a good thing? We’ve heard, in the past, of stories of the relation between Facebook and grades, but how has it affected YOU exactly?  Social Media can be an addiction. I say ‘can’ because I don’t think it has affected the entire universe. Technology, however, is increasing and affecting everyone. Everything seems to be processed through a computer these days. Individuals are able to find themselves in employment through Twitter and LinkedIn; while at the same time lose jobs due to their social media profiles. Social media is a fantastic resource, if used correctly. Nevertheless, can you image life was without such advanced technology? How did people, back in the day, find out about job opportunities? Although they are useful and relevant still, newspapers were once the key source of information. Paper applications hardly exist anymore.

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Social Media as an Opportunity

Then again, there is a lot of negativity in relation to the use of increased technology. But it’s the way individuals use technology/social media that determines technology’s positive or negative impact on our lives. How do you find out of the sheer number of opportunities out there? The answer is through social media. Have you explored Twitter recently? Of course you have. Who hasn’t? The number of tweets being posted every second of every minute is absolutely mind-blowing. So if you are using Twitter to filter through useful information and find out about potential opportunities, social media presents an unlimited resource.

Personal Branding through Social Media

How do individuals promote themselves? They do it online! It’s quick, easy and simple!  Social engines are also fantastic for getting your voice heard. For instance, if you’re a blogger, using social media is probably the best way to promote your work. The more you blog, the more you are able to illustrate your knowledge and gain contacts. If you’ve just started a business or promoting a particular product, social media is probably the best resource to start with. Social media enables you to engage an audience. Young celebrities get unbelievably famous through YouTube! Furthermore, the usage of Skype is also on the rise. Have you heard that interviews are now being conducted over Skype? Of course you have. Social media has the potential to get you noticed without even having to walk out your front door.

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Every Detail Counts on Social Media

This then leads to my next point; some could argue that individuals are becoming lazier. Using social media is like switching on autopilot when driving a car or an aeroplane. You allow the technology to do all the talking. There’s always going to be some sort of conspiracy and criticism in literally everything; however, it is important to not let it to control you. Use it for a purpose. Use it to aid you in achieving something. It should be used as a stepping stone to reaching your goal. Use it to help yourself gain a network. Most of you already do this but, as already mentioned, social media can be difference between being employed or unemployed. Your social media profiles are perceived as your overall identity. Each and every detail that you post or upload creates a vision of you. The same concept applies when sitting in an interview. Every detail counts, even the slightest. If you’re trying to improve your employment status, ensure you keep your online profiles professional at all times. People will notice that!

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