Idaho Accredited Nursing Schools For Job Placement

Idaho is a state well-known for world-class education, especially in the field of nursing.

So, if you want to become a registered nurse (RN) in Idaho, you need to get licensed and set your foundation correctly with a quality nursing college.

It’s a known fact that the better your university, the better your placement will be.

To make things simpler for you, we have created a list of the top three nursing schools in Idaho.

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Top 3 Nursing Schools In Idaho

1. Idaho State University

On the top of our list is Idaho State University, internationally renowned for its top-notch education and well-paid placement.

It offers over a hundred technical and professional courses, but the college is particularly known for its nursing degree.

Founded in 1901, the university has been in the field for over a century and has since birthed leading doctors and nurses.

It offers seven different types of nursing programs so that students can select according to their specific needs and talents.

And if you are worried about student loans and education bills, ISU has the solution for that too.

It offers an array of scholarships to its students to facilitate their education without any speed bumps.

2. Lewis-Clark State College

Moving on, Lewis-Clark State College is a close second. It offers more than 130 programs, so clearly, students get a lot of options.

However, it offers just four nursing degrees, which is still good compared to other universities but lags behind Idaho State University.

Now, if you cannot afford high tuition fees, Lewis-Clark State College may be a good option for you, as it offers cheaper medical courses.

3. Boise State University

Lastly, Boise State University is another competent college that offers an RN program.

Situated along the banks of the Boise river, this university offers a beautiful campus and over 200 different courses.

This nursing school is also equipped with a state-of-the-art simulation center, providing students with hands-on experience.

And consequently, its tuition fee is also high, and there are only three types of nursing degrees to choose from.

Why Idaho State University Is the Best

By drawing a comparison, it was obvious that ISU is the leading nursing college in Idaho. So, let’s backtrack a little and discuss what makes it the best in its field.

Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or CCNE, ISU is a reputed and trusted nursing school.

Currently, it houses more than 12,000 students with a good 13:1 student-teacher ratio.

So, rest assured, every student receives special attention from the professors and will be learning from the masters of the field.

Speaking of which, the school’s brilliant faculty with years of professional experience is another feather in its cap.

ISU employs leading specialists from the health and medical field to educate its students.

What’s more, with holistic course modules, well-equipped and funded labs, and a lush green campus, Idaho State University can give your child the much-needed boost in their career.

What Does Idaho State University Offer?

Seven Types Of Nursing Programs

Here are the types of nursing courses offered by ISU:

  • Baccalaureate completion program for RNs
  • Traditional bachelor of science in nursing
  • Ph.D. in Nursing
  • Doctor of nursing practice
  • Certificate programs like family nurse practitioner and psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner
  • Master of science in nursing
  • Accelerated bachelor of science in nursing

Idaho State University offers many diverse nursing programs, allowing the students to specialize in their desired fields.


ISU offers the most holistic modules and a good balance of core subjects, electives, and co-curricular.

The school focuses more on practical knowledge so that its students are well-prepared to work in a hospital right after graduating.

Furthermore, students are exposed to real work environments through internships and fellowship programs that give them the opportunity to care for patients.


Higher education in America is expensive and can rarely be achieved without education loans or scholarships.

ISU understands that and offers several grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study programs to assist its students.

Some of the grants provided by Idaho State University based on the need of the student are:

  • Federal PELL Grant (for bachelor’s degree)
  • Special non-resident fee waivers
  • Federal supplemental educational opportunity grants
  • Federal student aid

ISU also offers a special College Work-Study (CWS) aid in which it employs undergraduate and graduate students.

This way, students can work part-time and provide for themselves within the safety of the campus.

If you go forward with it, you can choose between Idaho Work-Study and Federal Work-Study programs.

You can also apply for the following scholarships available at ISU:

  • Incoming Transfer Students
  • Incoming Freshmen
  • Graduate Students
  • International Students

Labs And Equipment

To be a nurse, practical education is the most important, and that’s why ISU pays special attention to its labs and medical equipment.

All its labs are well-funded and maintained to provide the students with the best hands-on experience.

Campus Life

Lastly, ISU offers a vast campus with all the facilities to make your college life comfortable and hassle-free.

There are clean and well-maintained dorm rooms, delicious cafeteria food, and several recreational hubs.

And the best part is, the college is cradled between Pocatello mountains offering a peaceful and pleasant environment.

Idaho State University Delivers The Best Nursing Program In Idaho

Becoming a registered nurse in Idaho takes a lot of hard work and patience, but the nursing schools mentioned in our list can help you reach your goal.

Lewis-Clarke is an excellent option if you want to save up on tuition, and Boise State University has fantastic nursing labs.

However, Idaho State University is the best choice overall, owing to its budget-friendly scholarships, specialized courses, and multidisciplinary nursing education.

So, schedule a campus tour to check it out yourself!

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