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Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

We at Career Geek understand and know the graduate job process better than most career websites around. And that is one reason why when we were sent an introduction to Huntsy we knew we had to review it!

Huntsy is an organisational tool for job hunters.

But we can see it being one of the best organisational tools for graduates doing multiple applications.

Cost of Organisational Tool For Job Hunt

huntsy owlAs graduates we do a lot of graduate and internship job applications. And so far, the best way forward was to have an excel sheet and keep all the details in that sheet. Or make notes of different jobs and dates in a diary.

Now Huntsy brings us an organisational gem which costs nothing. Yes! We are pleasantly surprised Huntsy is free to use.

Dealing with students and graduates, we know they live on a budget (at least I did when I was at uni!) and cost is a big game changer in most of these applications. That’s why Huntsy is a great tool for students and graduates searching for jobs.

Using Huntsy

One of the things we appreciate the most in new web applications and services is an easy sign-up. huntsy loginAnd Huntsy has an easy sign-up, offering social logins via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Once logged-in, you get a simple and effective user interface. It does what you need it to do – organise job hunt. You can simply add a job URL or enter the job manually and it will organise it in a table-like format with more information available when you click on it.

This is exceptionally helpful in graduate job applications because of the sheer number of applications graduates do and when keeping track of them becomes chaotic.

Another top feature of Huntsy is uploading documents and email templates! Yes, simple, I know, but it’s a lot better to keep your cover letter and a CV right at the heart of your graduate job hunt process. Plus, it means you have a CV saved on the cloud, which is one advice I always offer graduates about their CV.

job hunting toolHuntsy has the option of adding a bookmarklet or extension for the Google Chrome browser which means you will be able to keep track of new graduate job applications with one click.

Huntsy is Free of charge and if you are looking for a graduate job, organise your graduate application process well.


What do we think of Huntsy

Huntsy is a brilliant organisational tool. They market themselves as job hunt tool, but from our point of view, we think they have a big market with students and graduates, i.e. the university market.

It is simple and easy to use. It does what it says on the tin and that is simply giving you a good organisational tool in your graduate job hunting process.

It allows you to get notified when deadlines are approaching and keeps your documents at the heart of your graduate job application process.


Personally I would recommend that you head over to Huntsy and give it a go yourself.

It is good and we hope it keeps developing to suit the graduate and student market with a bit more functionality, but even as it is, it is very good.

WEBSITE: www.huntsy.com 


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Faizan Patankar

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  • Thanks for the mention, Faizan! We’re continuing to refine Huntsy’s interface and build new features to make organizing your job search dead simple. For example, we’re soon launching full integration with Google Calendar and other calendar programs, as well as email notifications when a recruiter has opened your resume link.

    We think Huntsy is perfect for your readers – college students who are exploring their options and apply to many different places – so look forward to hearing their feedback! We’re all ears at hello@huntsy.com.

    • Rama, as far as I know Huntsy is a free service to begin with. Can you provide me with evidence where Huntsy charges fees?