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Practical Tips To Prepare and Ace a Video Interview

How To Prepare for Video Interview

How To Prepare for Video Interview

63 percent of companies often use videoconferencing for job interviews. Video Interview helps a business keep the costs down, shorten the time in hiring and reach a larger recruitment pool. Here are some video interview tips that will help you.

The Video Interview Process

  • The company selects candidates for video interviews
  • Arrangements for an interview are scheduled – at home with your own webcam, a company office, an off-site location with a webcam setup or via webcam sent to the applicant
  • A tutorial will provide instructions on the webcam and the interview
  • There will be 10-15 questions related to the job the company is hiring for
  • The applicant will have 30 seconds to read the questions and two minutes to respond

The video interview process isn’t too dissimilar to the normal interview process. If you imagine for some businesses it is a cost measure – so they don’t have to reimburse the interviewee.

Practical Tips To Help You Shine In Video Interview

  1. Take your time – Do a few practice runs of your script and speak slowly. Remember the annoyances you have when you  speak to family over Skype? Yes, they could happen in video interview too
  2. Keep the background simple – Try to situate yourself in front of a clean, single colour backdrop – a white wall is perfect.
  3. Be mindful of your body language – Be conscious about rocking back and forth while talking, crossing your arms or having your hands on your hips
  4. Dress conservatively – For your video interview dress as you would to a physical interview. Wear something right and formal. Read: How to dress for an interview.
  5. Look at the camera – Just like making eye contact in an interview ensure that you are looking at your employer not the wall or computer.

The infographic below has lots of information on the video interview process and tips. It also has a section on creating a video CV.

Infographic courtesy of Brighton School of Business and Management.

Video interview process, tips and benefits by BSBM