How to Turn Your Diary Into a College Essay

Diaries are seen as platforms to document your daily experiences. Not everyone keeps one but those who keep have better chances of writing a captivating essay. experts point at the significant role of diaries in producing the most unique college admission paper.

The diary captures some of the most personal experiences one can imagine. You will rare be told to turn these experiences into an essay. However, there is a twist that can only come from your diary that will transform your essay writing experience.

College tutors and the admission panel has to read through thousands of scripts. With a title and similar instructions, the stories given on these essays are similar. This is where you can take advantage of your diary and produce a unique essay.

The panel and college tutors are looking for a personal touch that also displays raw honesty. This can only and at best be found in the diary. This is where you record experiences in a manner that no one intervenes in your wording or description.

Choose A Catchy Prompt

It is not everything that happens in your life or is entered onto the diary that form subject of a captivating paper. Read through your diary and identity a captivating experience that even your supervisor or teacher will want to read. This can be regarded as a poison for the reader. You are sure that once a reader goes through the package, he or she will be hocked to your story.

Make The Experience Personal

The titles or themes for college essays are usually given, but you need to find an element that makes it personal. It could be your choice of career, what you desire to do with the career or reflections about your dream college, among other elements. Write a description that will enable the reader to buy into your idea of life. Check from winning essay examples to see how these personal descriptions have been captured.

Polish The Language And Presentation

Diaries are not the most organized notebooks. They feature language like ‘I feel’, ‘you know’, ‘as in’ as well as drawings and other graphics that will not be accepted in an admission paper. Take the message captured in these entries and polish it into paragraphs and an essay that is captivating. You must order your thoughts so that the paper becomes coherent and easy to read.

Find Common Ground

There are issues that are so personal that other readers cannot relate to them. This is one of the issues that make it difficult for people to read and even understand diary entries. Find a way to transform these personal experiences into stories or a narrative that other people can relate to. When you make the narration too personal, no one will understand what you are referring to and your paper will therefore not make any sense.

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