How To Survive Being A Fashion Student

Laura brandon

So, as I started writing this post, I thought that it would be just a few little hints on how to survive being a fashion student. However, I’m so overwhelmed with ideas for this that I’ve decided to do something different with it. So for now, here’s my original thoughts, these were things I just typed straight from the top of my head, and I shall let you know in due course what I decided to do with everything else I had planned. Enjoy!

Laura brandon

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Tips On Surviving As A Fashion Student

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1. Save up, fashion is expensive.

And don’t be surprised when you start to put fabric costs and travel before food money. Ahh, sacrifices.

2. Don’t give up on your work.

What I learnt on my course at Lincoln is that you have to be prepared to be metaphorically kicked in the face many many times. You will feel like crap, more than likely sew yourself to the machine (I knitted myself, new jumper ruined!), and your work will get slated, you will be told to change it and re-do it many many times. And, speaking from experience, the final critique will be “ why did you change it, it was so much better the first time”. Take deep breaths, have a cocktail, then crack on again.

3. Buy a lot of unpickers.

Although you’ll hate using them, they will save your arse many a time. And they always seem to mysteriously disappear. Buy in bulk.

4. Don’t ever let anybody be rude to you.

A piece of advice me and many of my friends wish we had taken. Constructive criticism is fine, in fact it’s better to be criticised in this manner than praised. However, being told your work is “offensive and insulting to the viewer”, is not. This was the way one of my best friends was spoken to by a tutor. The reason? Some of her images were a little too big. Don’t ever ever let yourself be put down and degraded like this, remember you are a student and you’re still learning Whatever mistake you have made you don’t deserve to be spoken to like this.

5. Realise its not worth spending money on fancy sketchbooks and expensive art equipment.

The Works all the way!

6. Subscribe to Vogue and Drapers. Fashion bibles.

Enough said. Although do look at other magazines too, change it up a little.

7. Pintrest is wonderful.

And I wish I’d discovered it earlier, subscribe to it and find many inspiring images. And if you fancy following mine, here’s the link

8. Learn how to use adobe illustrator.

It’s difficult but totally worth it. I love using it now, and you can create some amazing effects, and make your work really stand out. Although it will never replace paints and inks for me, it’s good to show a wide range of skills.

9. Keep a scrap book of everything that inspires you,

and it can be absolutely anything. This is something I’ve only recently started doing and I really wish I’d done it sooner.

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Laura Brandon is a Fashion student at Lincoln University. Graduate in May. I love fashion, books, Gaga, Blues Brothers, Bow’s and a good cuppa. 🙂 See more of her work on her blog here.


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