Land Your Dream Job #FREE 8 Week Course For New Grads

land your dream job lesson by faizan patankar


If you’re a new grad looking for your dream job (and looking for some help!), then this post is for you.

Recently, I was picked up and featured as an expert on the job search by a friend of mine named Matt Goldenberg. He said he was creating a free course, so I helped by offering my expert advice for free.

I get a lot of requests in my mailbox to write for other blogs or comment on a piece of visual or content created by other sites. I usually provide my input and then don’t think about it much. However when Matt finally showed me what he had put together… I was floored.

What he’s created isn’t just a collection of articles, it’s a complete 8-week video bootcamp, featuring over 20 top experts on career searching (many of whom I know and respect) which will show you how to land your dream job.

On top of that, he’s put together a giveaway package of over $3,600 in coaching, software, gift cards – that you can win just by signing up.

You may not know this, but over 50% of college grads are either unemployed or underemployed… so if you’re struggling right now… you’re not alone.

For some great free tips and a community of like-minded grads, click here to check out Matt’s “New Grad Blueprint“.


What else do I get as part of the 8 week course on how to “land your dream job”?

As part of the free 8 week course on how to land your dream job, you will learn about the following:

Week 1: Develop a Mindset for Success

Week 2: Find a Job You Love

Week 3: Gain Skills and Experience

Week 4: Build a Network and Brand

Week 5: Write a Resume That Stands Out

Week 6: Get Referrals to Your Dream Company

Week 7: Interview Like a Pro

Week 8: Achieve Stratospheric Success (p.s. this has my job search course lesson 🙂 )