How to land a career in online marketing

The online marketing sector is huge. Indeed, the numbers don’t lie, and there are – and will continue to be – plenty of career opportunities for people with the right mindset and skills.

Websites like this one who sell signs need help ranking their site and marketing themselves online just as much as multi-nationals do. So, the list of potential clients for you is an endless one.

The world of online marketing is constantly evolving. So, it is a particularly interesting sector to get involved in. 

How to become qualified

If you want to you can go to college and study online marketing, or take a business studies course. That will give you the paper qualifications you need to be able to successfully apply for online marketing roles within companies. 

How to get started without formal qualifications

However, that is not the only route into this sector. The vast majority of online marketers are actually self-taught. There are plenty of digital marketing courses available online.

But, most people who get involved in the industry have set up and run their own online business to learn the ropes. They set up a blog or website and set about promoting it. Over time, they become very good at ranking and marketing websites. 

Regardless of which approach you choose to take, you need to do the following:

Gain advertising experience

A big part of marketing any online business is successfully advertising using social media and paid ads. So, you need to learn how to advertise using the biggest platforms and providers. Facebook advertising is a good place to start. Learning how to use Google’s AdWords (Ads) is also important. But, it is worth branching out a bit and learning Instagram advertising, how to sell on YouTube and how to use Bing Ads.

Follow a couple of marketing gurus

People who work in the digital marketing space are more than happy to share most of what they know. So, you can learn a lot by following one or two of the sector’s gurus. This article tells you about 7 of the best.

Importantly, the people on this list are drawn from various online marketing disciplines. So, it should be easy for you to find the kind of knowledge you need.

Practice what you learn

There is only one way to hone your skills and that is to practice what you learn. So, if a family member has a website, offer to promote it for them. Or, volunteer to hope a local charity with their digital marketing efforts.

Build up an online marketing portfolio

Regardless, of how you choose to practice your skills, make sure that you keep a record of your work. Being able to show prospective employers a site or business you have successfully promoted is going to make a very positive impression on them.

Taking full advantage of your marketing skills

Most of the skills you acquire, while working as an online marketer, are highly sought after. So, if, at a later date, you decide to switch career paths, you will easily be able to do so. 

Online marketers are generally very good at sales, have excellent people skills and have a good understanding of how all kinds of companies operate. All of which are qualities that potential employers are looking for.

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