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Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

This one is for those who are currently in a job and want to get promoted. There are quite a lot of folks who want to get promoted, but don’t know the right etiquette or process for it. I just came across a course by Josh Doody on How to get promoted in 7 days.

I was on Product Hunt and going through some career oriented sites and saw this as one of the highly ranked hunt. Of course that meant I HAD to check it out. It may not matter that I am not looking for a promotion at the moment, but a 7 day free course on how to get promoted, delivered to my inbox everyday? Yeah, I will take that.

Day 1 – Sign up and receive the first lesson on how to get promoted

I signed up to the free course on how to get promoted on Joshs’ website. And had the first lesson / email delivered.

Going through the email, I like the structure and the language of the email. It’s plain English. No unnecessary promotion or sales tactics.

The first email tells you about what’s to come in the next few days and resources to help you keep track of it. It also answers some of the frequently asked questions on how to get promoted. To quote from his first newsletter

Do I just need to work harder and harder until I get a promotion? It would be nice if it were this simple, but this just isn’t how companies work.”

I quite look forward to Day 2 of the course. Can’t wait for the next email to hit my inbox.

For now though, if you are interested, I highly recommend heading over to the site and signing up to How to get promoted in 7 days. A free course with step-by-step instructions to confidently request your next promotion.

Yes, I want to sign-up.

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