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Infographic: Top 10 Funny Resume Mistakes

Editor – We all make CV/Resume mistakes, some are simply typos and sorted out at the first or second review. Some CV/Resume mistakes are beyond belief. The infographic below shows “Top 10 Funny CV/Resume… Read More

careers serviceHow I Beat the Competition for a Graduate Scheme Place

Completing the last exam of your University life is a great moment but how many of you, at this point, were thinking about what happens next? I’m guessing not too many. If at this… Read More

Internship or Job

Do You Know Your Internship Goals?

When you’re looking for an internship, your first step should be setting your internship goals. They are a list of things you wish to gain from the internship and what the purpose of the… Read More

social media in job searchIntegrate Social Media into Your #Job Search

For many students the opportunity of taking a year out of university to work in industry, or graduating and finally being able to work in the real world, sounds like a dream come true… Read More

gap year Taking A Gap Year – A Good Idea or A Waste of Time?

By Hannah I’m going to lay my cards on the table and say that I’m a big fan of gap years.  I took one myself back in 1992, when a last-minute opportunity came up… Read More


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