Finding a Career You Love in 5 Steps

find a career

Finding a career you love is more than just knowing and doing the job you want. Sometimes, it needs more than just self-assessment. But before you can truly find a career you love, you have to know your interests better, aside from your skills. Love your work and everything else will follow, as they always say. But how are you going to love your work if you don’t know what makes you happy? Well, how to find a career you love? Here are a few simple steps.

find a career

Steps Towards Finding the Career You Love

#1. Recognizing your interests and identifying your desired position are the primary steps towards finding the career you love. If you have an existing job, assess your level of satisfaction with your current work. This will make you understand the root cause of your desire to switch to a new career. On the other hand, if you are a new job seeker, you have to point out the things you think you will love doing.

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#2. After identifying your interests, you also have to make sure that they don’t collide with your skills. Then think of ways on how you will make money out of your skills and interests. If listening and giving advice to people is your passion, then you can be in the field of Counselling.

#3. Take time to visit a career mentor. He can be of great help in guiding you towards the career you love. You will also get some advice if you still need to undergo training or earn another degree to be able to take your desired career path. Taking personality tests will also help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.

#4. Take time to volunteer. Grab every internship opportunity, especially if it is in the same field with your preferred career. This will give you an idea of what it is like being in the real business world. You will also have the chance to talk to people and ask about how they cope up with their chosen career. In this way, you will gain insights and assess whether the job will fit you. You will also gain valuable experiences to be included on your resume.

#5. After identifying the career you love, get support from your significant others. By letting your family and friends know the type of job you are in search of, they will get the chance to notify you about any job openings in your preferred field. Thus, the chances of landing your desired position are higher.

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There’s nothing more fulfilling than being paid for doing the thing you love. The problem with this notion usually is that you don’t know how to find a career you love. Well, whatever has prevented you from doing what you really enjoy in your professional life, you will surely find the career you love by considering the above steps.


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