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How to Become a Personal Trainer

Did you know that 39% of adults in the world are overweight? Of that statistic, 13% of adults around the world are obese.

As people are increasing weight and living unhealthy lifestyles, personal trainers are needed more than ever.

Interested in becoming a personal trainer? Read our guide to learn how.

Consider the Characteristics It Takes

Becoming a personal trainer involves having a certain skill set. Some of the most important characteristics a personal trainer can have include being motivational, nurturing, analytical, organized, and persistent.

As a personal trainer, you may have to work with different types of people. You should become a great listener and be motivated yourself so that you can motivate clients.

Since every person you will train will be different, you must understand how you can treat specific circumstances.

For example, know how hard you can push a particular client and find out what they really need.

If a workout is not going well for the client, you are expected to adjust accordingly.

Get a Personal Trainer Certification

Anyone can get a personal trainer certification, but it is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle and be on a proper diet. When you decide personal training is for you, figure out where you can get a personal trainer certification.

Those that are accredited by a third party are the best certification options. If you want to work for a specific employer, they may require you to complete a certification of their choosing.

Some exams can be taken online while others are on-site. It is best to find a certification program that offers a study program like a workshop or seminar.

Keep in mind that the cost of getting a personal trainer certification does not always include study materials. Some certifications are internationally classified if you are looking to train in multiple different places.

Find a Job

After getting your personal trainer certification, you should find a job. You don’t have to get a job at the place you enjoy working out because there are plenty of options.

The opportunities for personal trainers include commercial gyms, corporate fitness programs, cruise ships, wellness centers or hospitals, and local community centers.

You can also work at personal training studios or open your own. Spas and resorts may offer jobs to personal trainers as well.

Choose a Specialty

When you first begin as a personal trainer, you may teach all kinds of clients. This will help you figure out what types of clients you enjoy training the most.

You can invest in further education by getting a specialty certification. After choosing a specialty, you can offer more to your clients. You can even begin charging more for your services.

Is Personal Training Right for You?

Becoming a personal trainer opens more doors than you’d think. The impact a personal trainer can have on the health of people is essential to society.

By using this guide, you can decide if this career path is right for you and get started on your journey.

If personal training is not in your wheelhouse, check out our other blog posts for more career options.

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