6 Steps to Attract the Attention of Job Headhunters


Attracting the attention of a headhunter is an easy task, if you are exceptionally talented. Employers contract headhunters to help them find highly qualified, experienced individuals that would be an asset to their company. Usually, individuals contacted by a headhunter are top-performers who are well known in their industry. A headhunter’s job is to contact individuals who meet the company’s requirements and then present a short-list of candidates to the company’s hiring firm for interviews.

While headhunters often contact candidates out of the blue, there are several things that individuals can do to get on a headhunter’s radar. Below you will find the best ways to attract the attention of a headhunter.


Attend Conferences and Seminars

Often times, headhunters will attend industry-specific conferences and seminars when they are looking for highly qualified individuals. To see if there are any headhunters at the conference or seminar you are attending, scan the sign-in list. On these lists, individuals have to sign-in, and you may be able to recognize a headhunter’s name, or firm.

Participate in Industry-Specific Speaking Engagements

To grab a headhunter’s attention, you have to be noticeable. One of the best ways to become noticeable is to participate in speaking engagements. Speaking publicly is even more beneficial if the media will be present because being quoted by media or published in a journal is an excellent way to get on the radar of a headhunter.


The more people you know, the better your chances of crossing paths with a headhunter. To increase the number of people you know, you need to network. Suggestions for networking include passing out as many business cards as possible. Everyone you meet is someone you may create a professional relationship with in the future.

It is also beneficial to make yourself known on the Internet. One of the easiest ways to do this is to register with social media outlets like LinkedIn and BranchOut, Facebook’s new networking site. Headhunters often browse these social media sites for candidates that meet their requirements. However, since you are creating these accounts for networking possibilities, it is crucial to keep the information on the sites highly professional.

Create a Blog

Another great way to make your presence known on the Internet is to create a blog. Make sure the blog relates to your profession, and make sure to include all your professional and educational experience somewhere in the blog. If you aren’t an accomplished writer, you can always outsource the writing based on your ideas and concepts.

Find a Professional Mentor

People are often deemed successful by the company they keep. For this reason, it is vital to find a successful mentor in your industry. This relationship can help open doors that may be impenetrable otherwise.

Reach Out to Headhunters

While all the other steps are potential ways to grab the attention of a headhunter, it is also necessary to make contact with headhunters who specialize in your industry. A basic Google search can point you in the right direction, and then it is up to you to impress. Don’t simply flood the headhunter’s office with copies of your CV. Headhunters are flooded with applications from job candidates. Instead, you want to make yourself stand out. When sending information to a headhunter, make sure to include copies of events you have participated in, any material that may have been published by you, and links to your social media accounts and blogs. Shortly after sending your material, follow up with a phone call to the headhunter’s office.

Following the tips above will help you attract the attention of a headhunter, and help you further your professional career.


Chris Griffith is a careers advisor with extensive experience with placements in various industries. He enjoys sharing valuable information on career blogs. Try the Progressive Personnel job search for more information on career advancement.

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