How Job Seekers and Employers Are Connecting Online [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Written by Faizan Patankar

Today job seekers research companies on Twitter and Facebook before they apply! And the first thing they do after applying for a job is tweet or facebook about it. Which means that job seekers connect with employers online, even before the application stage or interview arrives.

It is well known that social media is important in the jobsearch. There are loads of #hireme campaigns on Twitter and Facebook is an important partner for the likes of BranchOut.

In all this, can you miss out on having your resume online? Nope. And you know, there are some quick ways to build your own online CV. You can use LinkedIn, or other great sites mentioned in the infographic below.

With 92% of recruiters admitting they used social media for recruitment purposes, one cannot miss out on this untapped resource in looking for a job!

Social Resume
Courtesy of: Online Colleges

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