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It is a new but very simple conception for many people. It was estimated that approximately 80% of job positions are occupied by those who got ones using own social network. But sometimes it’s not enough and the job market keeps change all the time.  So it is very important to keep an eye at job search advertisements that may be very productive if you use the hidden job market – online searching. This is a perfect network that connects people you may need yet you could hardly reach on your own.

To get the job of your dream through Internet you should make the following steps:

  • Identify what exactly you are concerned about in details, your demands and visions of your future job;
  • Find the most appealing offers on job searching sites like JobTonic, select vacancy to your liking, learn all you can about your future responsibilities;
  • List contacts of potential employers;
  • Contact them directly.


The first step is very important as it forms what you’ll get in the end. Planning of your future life not only organizes thoughts but also pushes you in the direction of your aims. It clears mind and makes you focus on primary things like personal growth as the result of career development.

Do not be fast to agree with the first offer. Try to learn more about business and culture of companies you want to work for. Don’t waste your time reaching out to a company that won’t be suitable for you.

And don’t stop on the first refusal. There is a vast variety of different organizations you may have never considered or heard of that will gladly have you in their circles. Many vacancies are available in small businesses, so you should extend your job search not to miss the opportunity to find a decent job within them.

Find the names and contacts within the company of your interest. Do not only contact a hiring manager, find also the department heads, people who are currently working there, etc. With the advantage of the Internet these days finding a work email or address phone number is just some clicks away.

The last step is to contact an employer or a recruiter in person. Prepare carefully for the interview as it is the main point in the process of hiring new employees. Many sites nowadays publish useful tips of how to pass one successfully. Good luck!

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