Graduate Vacancies Outlook for 2013 [Report]

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Faizan Patankar
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This is post one from a series of posts analysing the High Fliers Research report on The Graduate Market in 2013. The report can be downloaded from High Fliers Research here.

In this section we look at the Graduate Vacancies outlook for 2013. The report is based on the analysis of Times Top 100 Graduate Employers.

Graduate Vacancies in 2012 were 0.8% down

Employers usually set their graduate vacancies target for any year almost a year before the expected start date of positions. This means that for the 2012 autumn start forecast was done in 2011. That forecast was revised in early 2012 and in the end graduate employers recruited less than they had in 2011. Overall, there was a 0.8% drop in graduate recruitment in 2012.

The Graduate Market 2012 reported that employers expected to increase their graduate recruitment by 6.4%. But reversing the trend of 2010 and 2011 where recruitment numbers were up 12.6% and 2.8% respectively, 2012 actually recruited less by 0.8% on the previous year.

In 2012, accounting and professional firms cut nearly 800 trainee positions. The 15 banks that formed part of the research hired almost 900 less. This combined drop was partially offset by the top public sector and engineering & industrial employers who increased their graduate vacancies by an extra 590 positions.

Graduate Vacancies in 2013 Expected To Rise 2.7%

After the negative year of 2012 The Graduate Market in 2013 reports that The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers expect to increase their graduate vacancies by almost 2.7%.

This forecast is just about 30% of the rise expected in 2011 and hopefully it will be met. The decrease of 2012 by 0.8% is blamed on the uncertainty of the wider economy and the international market. If that is the case, then I don’t think the situation has improved much. We have just (just about) seen the US put in place a temporary solution to avoid the fiscal cliff and the EU is proving to be a very uncertain market. But with a conservative estimate of increase in graduate vacancies of 2.7%, it is much more likely to be met.

Yet, it is not all safe news in 2013. In 2013 graduate employers featured in the research say that 1/3rd of the entry level vacancies at their organisation will be filled by those who have previously worked at the organisation. This can be part of an internship, vacation work or industrial placement. This means that an estimated 6,000 positions are out of the reach of 2013 graduates. Sorry guys!

internship graduate vacancies gm2013

Source: The Graduate Market in 2013

Career Geek Analysis of Graduate Vacancies For The Last Decade

The Graduate Market in 2013 provides useful data, which is open to use and abuse as and how you look at it!

For example, if you look at graduate recruitment over the past decade, then there has been a 23.5% increase overall. Yet, if you look at the graduate vacancies since when the recession struck us in 2008, then graduate vacancies have dropped by just under 10%.

Here is a chart below from The Graduate Market in 2013 which shows yearly increase or decrease.

graduate vacancies trend gm2013

Source: The Graduate Market in 2013

The report goes on to list which regions in the U.K. have the highest number of graduate vacancies listed, along with which industries are recruiting more!

Just to finish off, Teach First estimates to recruit for 1260 graduate positions, making it the top graduate employer in sheer numbers. Followed by Deloitte and Pwc.

Interested by the data above and want to know more? I strongly recommend having a look at Chapter 2 Graduate Vacancies of the High Fliers Research, The Graduate Market in 2013 report.

Image: High Fliers Research, the Graduate Market in 2013

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