@GraduateRescue Offers Membership Model To Those Seeking Career Opportunities [#SOCENT]

graduate rescue logo

graduate rescue logo

Graduate Rescue is a social enterprise, launched in March 2013, designed to help students and graduates increase their employability. The idea was conceived in response to the difficult graduate job market – Graduate Rescue wanted to create an affordable go-to service for those struggling to find employment. Due to the nature of Graduate Rescue, their services are relevant to university students, school pupils  and non-graduates alike.

Graduate Rescue is a membership organisation which charges a small annual fee. Members have access to all Graduate Rescue services and “because we reinvest profits (see What is a Social Enterprise) back into the business, these services will grow as we grow”.

Graduate Rescue is a great resource for students and graduates because the prices they’d pay to access the same resources individually would often run into tens or even hundreds of pounds.

At the time of the publication of this article, a year’s worth of membership at Graduate Rescue costs £9.99 (usually £19.99). That price includes:

1. Professional online interview coaching
2. Assessment questions practice
3. Leading career and industry guidance software
4. Advice and guidance for job seekers
5. Advice and guidance for starting up your own business
6. A resource guide for developing your skills
7. Q & A sessions with industry leaders
8. Access to the Graduate Rescue Forum

It has the likes of Interview Guru and the Test Factory as some of the many resources included within the membership of Graduate Rescue.

I like this new approach Graduate Rescue are taking. Traditionally, careers resources have been quite specific and targeted. As a social enterprise, Graduate Rescue is trying out a membership model that could work for those looking for help. I mean, if you can sort out your career for the price of a take-away pizza through this opportunity, then surely that’s a good deal?

Why not have a look at Graduate Rescue and tell me what you think of it in the comments section below.

Image via graduate-rescue.co.uk