Graduate Recruitment Approach 2012-2013 [Report]

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In this section of the series of posts on analysis of the High Fliers Research report on The Graduate Market in 2013 we look at the Graduate Vacancies outlook for 2013. The report is based on the analysis of Times Top 100 Graduate Employers.

86% of Employers Have ‘Similar’ or ‘Decreased’ Their Graduate Recruitment Budget

Graduate recruitment is expected to rise by 2.7% over that of the previous year. Yet, the budget outlook does not look very promising. HR and recruiting managers will have to do with less tea and biscuits, I assume!

The Graduate Market in 2013 reports that 26% of The Top 100 Graduate Employers have their graduate recruitment budget decreased ‘a little’ to ‘decreased considerably’. 60% of the graduate employers will keep their graduate recruitment budget ‘similar’ to last years’.

To find out how this compares to previous years, please download the report and have a read.

71% Will Place More Emphasis (Than in Previous Years) on Social Media

This part of the report is a must for Careers Services across the nation. It has some detailed information and insight into the top 100 graduate employers’ on-campus recruitment promotions.

Not only that, I think even the Students’ Unions and just about anyone who is looking to attract big name employers to advertise with them, has to have a look at what mediums employers are going to place their emphasis on for this year’s graduate recruitment (already ongoing) and watch the trends for next year.

71% of the top 100 graduate employers will put more emphasis than in previous years on promoting their graduate recruitment through social media.

The highest fall in promotion medium is around sector guides and local directories. I guess this also reflects the fact that more and more recruitment methods and advertising is shifting to a digital medium.

Surprisingly, student newspapers and sponsorship of student societies is also being shunned by 25% and 23% respectively. In the same league are careers fairs. 24% of the top 100 graduate employers will put less emphasis on this promotion method.

Do you want to find out which Universities are targeted most by the top 100 graduate employers? Find out more in this report. Hint – Oxford and Cambridge are NOT the top 2!

On Avg  52 Applications Received per Graduate Job Vacancy in 2012

It is reported that recruiters received an average of 52 applications per graduate vacancy during the 2011-12 recruitment season. Latest research by The Graduate Market in 2013 suggests that the application rate for 2013 vacancies could be even higher.

Having said that, data shows that 21% of top graduate employers did, in fact, have a reduction in the graduate applications received. With at least 5% having a fall in graduate applications received by more that 25%.

But it is interesting that the employers who received less applications did comment that the quality of applicants had improved. Others explained to The Graduate Market in 2013 that they had deliberately changed their recruitment marketing in order to discourage unsuitable candidates from making applications to their organisations.

I wonder how they ‘changed their recruitment marketing’.

Interested by the data above and want to know more? I strongly recommend having a look at Chapter 2 Graduate Vacancies of the High Fliers Research, The Graduate Market in 2013 report.

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Source: The Graduate Market in 2013

Image: High Fliers Research, The Graduate Market in 2013

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