Grad Diary offers FREE Diary resource tracking application deadlines

Written by Faizan Patankar

An online job and careers site Graddiary.com offers a free online diary resource tracking job application deadlines of major companies in the UK.

Grad Diary also offers the same tool to other careers services with the option of adding the local university careers events onto it and displaying it on the careers page.

For example, we came across this diary page of University of Leicester in collaboration with Grad Diary.

We have added an application deadline page to Career Geek Blog too to make use of this excellent free resource and help students and graduates be on top of graduate application deadlines.

Grad Diary was set up by two founders in 2010. It is an online start-up that was founded on the back of a large data set of a student survey and is built on sound analytical implementation, which is presented in a visual friendly manner. Something I personally like.

Quite simply, the diary looks like this:

You can add your local careers events to it as well through a login page. I had the opportunity to try this out, courtesy of Joseph Morris, COO, Graddiary.com. And I think it is something every careers services should at least look into.

You can customise your own Graddiary.com calendar here.

The website Graddiary.com has many other features, in addition to the calendar, including –

If you want to know the inside story of what happens at a company from the graduate or interns point of view, you should read Grad diary’s insider interviews. They provide valuable insight into the ‘real world’ of work.

Here is what Joseph Morris, COO, Graddiary.com had to say when asked about Grad Diary, “Grad Diary is a resource created for students looking for graduate jobs and internships, focused on helping you succeed in the application process and get the job you want. A key tool is the great database of companies and application deadlines. The “Calendar” feature simplifies the stressful task of keeping track of when to apply, and we want to make sure that this information is easily accessible. We are proud to offer our free embeddable calendar for student blogs, careers service and society websites. This simple tool means that we are able to share our hard work with more students, and at the same time allow the websites to add a great resource without the need to invest a lot of time and effort.”

So, who is using it so far?

Well, having had a look at Grad diary’s Partners, I can tell you they have some impressive names already on-board who use the Grad Diary calendar, including University of Sussex Careers and Employability Centre, Durham University Law Society, etc.

Rarely do I see something so cool and flexible come up for use in the careers market. Grad Diary has definitely produced a gem. It has to reach a lot more students and graduates and the ease of its implementation means I can see it being used by a lot more careers services, university societies, and even the academic arms of Students’ Unions.

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