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Good And Bad Habits Of Smart People

habits of smart people
Written by Faizan Patankar

habits of smart people

We all have habits. But nobody cares about me. Let’s look at the good and bad habits of smart people. Follow in the footsteps of smart people but try and only pick up the GOOD habits of smart people.

Smart people are persistent

  • Albert Einstein – Had an IQ of 160, but did not speak until he was 4.
  • Bill Gates – IQ of 160, but failed his first business
  • Thomas Edison – IQ of 145, but this dude had 1000+ attempts at the light bulb
  • Beethoven – IQ of 160, but classic case…. he was told he will fail in life
  • Ben Franklin – IQ of 160, school drop out at the age of 10

Smart people are avid readers

Reading has it’s own benefits. It increases your verbal skills and helps to articulate thoughts. And you know, 15 mins of reading a day would expose you to 1,000,000 words a year.

For more of this cool stats on good and bad habits of smart people here’s an infographic from Wisebread.com.





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