Gocracker.com Encourages Young People To Study STEM

Gocracker is designed to encourage young people to study STEM subjects and to discover the exciting career opportunities available to them in the SET sector. Young people can find information and news about STEM subjects, industry sectors, apprenticeships, colleges, universities and leading employers. They are provided with many opportunities to interact with gocracker.com: there are free iPhone apps to download, there is a video collection (goTV) and they can access hundreds of web resources dedicated to STEM.

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The central core of gocrcaker.com, ‘The Hub’, contains links to great teaching resources, fun days out and forthcoming local STEM events. Within this section teachers and organisations can also order free pocket cards to give out to their students.

This is what Sophie Ibbotson, Marketing and Communications had to say about gocracker.com

“…we are part of Crackergroup and through our work with gradcracker.com, we have developed close relationships with most of the leading employers in the UK. This has enabled us to provide schoolchildren with a clear link between studying STEM subjects and the highly rewarding career paths that such study will open up to them in the future.

We are currently pushing apprenticeships as a viable alternative to university education and have an area within the website to explain and guide young people into finding the best route into a SET career for them.

We also offer schools an area to showcase any projects they are involved in and we create this area for them.”