Getting a Head Start: Using a Resume Template Could Help Improve Your Image

For most of us, writing our resume is a time consuming and tedious task. Even if you are lucky enough to currently have a fulfilling and enjoyable job, most career counsellors recommend regularly updating your resume anyway. This is done for a few reasons:

To help you better understand your career objectives

Your resume is a summary of your career that outlines the best of your skills and successes. You don’t have much room on that page, so you have to delve deep to see what you consider your most important accomplishments.

By updating your resume, you can refocus your career goals and expectations and see how they have shifted over the years. It’s a good chance to re-examine what areas of professional growth you may have lost track of over the years.

Remember your best projects

Working day in and out at one job can make you a little too comfortable. As projects pass and months roll by, it can be easy to forget your little (or big) successes that put you at the top of your game. For that reason, regularly updating your resume can be a great way to keep track of big projects you’ve worked on and the ways you made them run smoothly.

Keeps you ready for a promotion

If you truly love your company, updating your resume can still benefit you within your current job. Oftentimes when great promotions come up, you’ll still be expected to submit an up-to-date resume demonstrating why you’re a perfect fit for the position.

Why you should use a resume template

Resume templates can be a bit polarizing for some people, but there are a lot of benefits and advantages to using a resume template.

For one, using a resume template means that you can easily and efficiently organize your resume. A well-organized resume that follows an intuitive structure will reflect more professionally on you. Resume templates allow you to collect your thoughts, goals, and successes into a structure that will be appealing to recruiters while helping you to remember important details about your career you may have otherwise forgotten.

Resume templates are also great for those new to the career force who want to create a professional and appealing resume but aren’t sure where to start. Many people new to the workforce don’t know the first thing about the structure of a resume or what to put on it. Using a resume template will allow you to keep things simple while still feeling reassured that you have all the critical details filled in.

Finally, designing and building a resume from scratch can be a time-consuming endeavor, especially if you’re applying for multiple positions. Using a resume template allows you to create different types of resumes for each job you are applying for without taking a lot of time, since each job will most likely require different skills and requirements.

With a template, you will be able to easily modify the template and create several versions of your resume to suit other jobs or industries you are applying to at the same time. Help your resume by modeling these templates and watch the job offers roll in!

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