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Written by Faizan Patankar

TheJobCrowd is the UK’s leading ‘insider’ graduate careers website, helping graduates, school leavers, and other jobseekers plan and research their careers by connecting them with employees who can provide expert, insider advice from the companies and industries that they work in.

Every other source of graduate careers information connects graduates with the employers only. TheJobCrowd do this as well, but uniquely, TheJobCrowd harnesses the web’s user-generated power to crowd-source careers advice and connect graduates directly with employees – providing the former with a far richer and in-depth insight into graduate careers and companies.

Guardian.co.uk reports

Staff from other companies, including almost half of The Times Top 100 Graduate Employees, have already posted reviews, many actively encouraged to do so by their employers who regard the site as a useful platform for attracting new graduates from the 40 universities who have built it into their careers service.

This month the website publishes a list of the top 50 companies to work for, based on the ratings reviewers give their employer.

At present, the website receives 100 new reviews a week and donates £1 for each to the Shaw Trust, which helps disabled and disadvantaged people into employment. Traffic is expected to triple this month as students return to university.


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  • A very godo resource. As well as this, http://www.whataretheyreallylike.com provides similar resource, although not specifically for graduates, it’s more for job seekers in general. Employees of companeis and organisations review their companies, and then you can discuss it on the online forums on the site. It’s good – check it out.