Think Gaming Is Fun? See How Much The Game Industry Professionals Earn [INFOGRAPHIC]

game industry

When I was a kid, the single most frustrating thing for my parents was me playing games. The good old Mario was fun. Things have moved on since then and so has the game industry. Now the game industry professionals pull in some serious moolah.

The infographic below by Big Fish shows some of the top gaming salaries, studios and schools in the US.

Programmers in the game industry earn anywhere between $72,000+ to $125,000, depending on experience. And no, we are not talking about 25 years of experience. The lower salary is for someone with <3 years, whilst the top range is for >6 years of experience.

If you think about it, 6 years is almost 5 iterations of most games. This is some serious cash and something more you might want to look into.

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