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Written by Faizan Patankar

I have some exciting news: I’m one of the first people offering one-to-one expert help over live video through a new Google product called Helpouts. The service we offer is career helpouts.

Helpouts make it easier to get help right when you need it, wherever you are. All you need is a PC, smartphone or tablet with a camera and you can connect with me and ask any careers or job search related questions.

I’m offering help in the Education & Careers section and invite you to check out my Helpout. If you know someone else who you think might benefit from my expertise, please share this post with them.

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You can now get one-to-one personalised advice from me.

What is a helpout?

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Helpout categories available now.

Career Geek had early access to the helpout platform and I’ve been trialling it for a few weeks now. You can get advice from experts on just about anything through Google Helpouts. Whether it’s fixing something, speaking to a nutrionist or getting career advice, it’s all there.

You simply need to look through the listings and then chose who you’d like to speak to. Prices and availability will be shown on the listing.

On the day of the launch of Google Helpouts, there were just over 1000 helpout providers listed on the platform. Globally! Career Geek is one of them.

So, what do we offer in the career helpout?

I understand the graduate job search is much more than just sending a CV and that ‘much more’ is what I offer on the career helpout. I can help you explore the idea of using social media in your job search – whether it will help you or if you’ll be wasting your time.

In my helpout you will have the chance to ask about the mechanisms behind Applicant Tracking Systems – something that not many people speak about. Whether it’s getting started on LinkedIn or needing a quick CV/cover letter review – I will be available for this, too.

Additionally, if you have an interview or an assessment coming up the next day and you are stressing out, speak to me. I can help you practice your answers and check that you have prepared well.

Whether it is getting started with your job search or managing it better, I will try to help you be more efficient and believe in your effort through my helpout.

How much does our career helpout cost?

Career helpouts can be notoriously expensive. Here’s an image of the Best Match for career advice helpouts. Career Geek is in the top three. But the helpouts above and below cost $40 and $90 respectively.

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The career helpout offered by me is FREE. Yes, absolutely free!

I offer a free career helpout because I cater to graduates, students and young jobseekers. And being a true career geek, I am passionate about helping the young and unemployed move up in life. So that is my way of helping and providing you with advice.

Do check out my helpout, get in touch, or book an appointment. I look forward to your comments.

 Career helpout.

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