Five Simple Tips to Get that Graduate Job

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The first step to success in your gradute job search is presenting your CV correctly. It has to be easy to read, full of enthusiasm for this particular job and showing a knowledge of the business you are hoping to join, so do some research. Some other points to keep in mind include:

1. Start off with a catchy personal statement. Spend some time explaining what you personally could do to enhance their business. Business is about making money so employers want to see something new and interesting in a CV that makes them want to interview you and not the other 500 or so applicants.

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2. You must research their business, look for an angle that you can explore and promote, hint about this in your CV.  If you have studied Marketing, just look at yourself as a marketing product and market yourself.

3. You must appear confident and ready to face any challenge. Whatever experience you may have, you must tailor it to fit the job you are applying for and make the CV personal to every application you make. If you are applying straight from university, do not just list the courses you have studied; look into various aspects of the course and see if there is an angle you can expand on in some of the assignments you had to do which would be relevant to the post you are applying for.

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4. Team work is always a top priority in any company. Communication skills are paramount to liase with upper management and co-workers to generate good ideas and growth. Emphasise any team building exercises you may have done.

5. Never give up, apply for every job you think you can handle – even if it is less money than you would hope for. Remember, every experience will be invaluable for eventually getting you your ideal graduate job. It is often the case that you may apply for a job which is not exactly what you are looking for, but remember, every experience is a learning experience and this will enhance your CV for the next job.

Environmental, political and social awareness is a key element in any CV, especially a marketing arena, so show your concerns with relevant reference. Lastly, not wanting to state the obvious, but dress smartly for that interview as first impressions really do count.


Alex Gregson specialises in helping place graduates in employment that correctly matches their academic & personal qualities. Working in all sectors ranging from marketing graduate jobs to financial temporary placements.

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