7 Career Infographics You Have To See!

Written by Kaynat Choudhury

Some of us have just graduated, some have been working odd jobs here and there, others are just finishing off school and are thinking about what to study at university – and all of us are thinking of ways to secure a good job in this recession-ridden world that we currently live in.

But what kind of things do we really need to think about? Especially since the financial condition of the general world seems to be on a seesaw. It’s hard, I know. We all know.

So what I have planned for you:

  • assessing the situation we’re in
  • sorting out your CV
  • deciding on the type of job are you hunting
  • confessions from the other side
  • interview preparation

Technically, there were supposed to be 5 infographics but, err, I may have gone a little crazy for some!

Infographic 1: The Situation

So, what’s the UK looking like at the moment?¬†According to a survey, carried out by Randstad Financial & Professional at the beginning of 2013, 71% of employers think that this year will be a better year for recruitment than 2012. What do you think?



Infographics 2 and 3: The CV

We all struggle at times – how much should I put on my CV; should I lie; what type of experience should I show them; should I tell them I played a lot of football? A lot of my friends lie, should I lie too? What do I write? Ahh…


Since CVs and resumes are soooo important, here’s another:



Infographics 4 and 5: What Job Is Right for Me?

A question we ask all our lives: is this right for me? Some of us just know what we want to do all our lives; for others, it’s just hard.



Infographic 6: What THEY Want

Now, we so want to know what they think, don’t we? Some finally confess:


Infographic 7: When You Bag That Interview…

And then there comes that dreaded interview, but it’s a good thing; it means you’ve been doing a good job of your life so far… so what next?


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