Finding Work in 2012: 3 Tips for Success

Finding work in 2012 – a Tough Challenge?

The UK economy is hardly thriving at present, as the ongoing Eurozone crisis and concerns over the failing U.S. manufacturing industry continue to have an impact on the prevailing macro-environment. Even with the more optimistic news that the national unemployment rate fell from 8.3 to 8.1% during the last financial quarter, the job market remains disconcertingly fragile and difficult for those who are unable to stand out within a large and competitive crowd. So how exactly should job seekers be looking to give themselves a competitive edge in an age where employers hold such an advantage?


3 Tips for Success

With so many different industries and interviewing techniques within a single job market, it is impossible to have an exact or rigid strategy for your application and interview. There are basic principles that will allow you to retain an edge on your rival candidates, however, and enable you to impress your potential employer.


1. Avoid the Generic and Treat Each Job On Its Individual Merits

The bid to impress an employer begins with the job application, and it is crucial to pay attention to each individual opportunity as it presents itself. The use of a generic cover letter or resume can be highly detrimental to your application, especially if you look to pursue a number of job opportunities simultaneously. Not only could the use of unaltered documents suggest that you are interested in any type of employment as opposed to a specific role with a chosen firm, but by failing to respond to each specification individually, you are missing out on the chance to sell yourself and your skill set.

2. Protect Yourself and Your Social Media Profilessocial media in job search

The growing popularity of social media and e-recruitment has changed the way in which employers screen potential candidates for work, and you must take great care to address your own social media profiles prior to applying for a position of employment. Given that you alone are not entirely responsible for the content that may appear on your social media pages, it may be worth censoring them throughout the course of your job application process. This way an employer must notify you if they wish to view them, which allows you to prepare for every eventuality.

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3. Buy Into a Firm’s Business Philosophy

Regardless of whether a company is product or service driven, it will have a fundamental mission statement, vision and business philosophy that underpins its operation. While every candidate will know the basic purpose of an organisation that they are applying to join, there are not many who take the time to research how their potential employers operate and what drives them towards attainment. By undertaking this research, you can develop and showcase a far greater understanding of your role, and steal a unique and potentially vital edge on your job seeking contemporaries.


The Bottom Line

While these steps may not guarantee you instant success within the employment market, when combined with a positive and proactive attitude, they can improve your chances of finding work significantly. Remember that in a competitive market, it is by seeking out the smallest of advantages that you can gain access to the greatest rewards.



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