Developing a Sales Career (Tips for Students)

If you are lucky enough to have the right sales talent and personality skills required, it should be fairly easy for you to find a sales jobs that will be perfect for you. There are many kinds of student jobs out there, but it is never too early to get into sales. You could very easily earn yourself a very nice income by becoming a real estate agent or leading sales engineer at a local company. However, not all sales jobs are as lucrative and there are many sales-related jobs out there that will have you wasting your talents for a lesser amount of pay. The key to finding the positions with the highest pay relies on your personal attention when you go on a job search.


Do Not Sell Your Skills Short

If you have what it takes to be a great leader in the sales industry, you must never sell yourself short when it comes to your skills. For example, a retail sales clerk will only make about $20,000 a year compared to someone selling the same merchandise for a high-end company that will make at least double. If you have the skills to do what it takes to make the sale in the retail world, you most likely have the skills that it takes to be a good salesperson for a firm where you can make better money.

What Are the Key Characteristics of A Good Salesperson?

When companies and industries are looking for a good person to fill their well-paying positions, there are a few key characteristics that they would like to see from the moment they meet you. Some of these key characteristics include:

•             A Professional Appearance

•             Personable Attitude

•             Excitement about the Product or Service

•             Knowledge of the Particular Business

•             Professional Dialogue Capabilities

These are the key personality traits that you should display from the moment that you meet a potential employer for an interview. These are the characteristics that employers will be looking for the most and in such a competitive job market, it is imperative that you bring all that you have to the table from the very beginning.

High paying sales-related jobs are out there and it is completely possible to use your knowledge of the sales industry and your skills to get the best. Landing the best sales jobs is a matter of being careful about where you apply and how you show off your talents to the right people in the field. There is no reason that you should settle for a low paying position if you have the potential to earn a very nice income.

There are many sales jobs open that are simply waiting to be filled by someone with great sales jobs experience. Many people feel like finding the job is the hard part but it is really more difficult to get hired and hold on to the position. Your success in the position will depend on your ability to sell the products and services for your company, so you have to do the very best you can each and every day you are at work.

In order to get hired for an open position you will first need to show the employer that you are a much better choice than the other people that are applying for the job. You can do this by having a resume that is formatted to highlight your jobs experience and your ability to do well in a sales position. Make sure your resume is truthful and can be verified by the prospective employer.

Once you have your resume completed and formatted to highlight your abilities in the sales field, it is time to think about the interview. One major factor in how well you do in your interview will depend on how well spoken you are. You must be able to speak clearly and with conviction no matter what you are talking about. The person that is conducting the interview will be watching for eye contact and clarity in each statement that you make. If you are not able to sell your skills and abilities to the person that is interviewing you, why would they think you could sell their services or products to their customers?

Once you have been offered the position with the company, it will be time to show them what you can do. They will certainly be watching your sales abilities for a while once you have started your position, so come to work each day prepared to do all that you can do to prove to them that you were the right choice to fill their sales position.


Aaron Mac is a recent graduate employed as an advertising salesman for a newspaper in Toronto, Ontario. Aaron enjoys lifting weights, running beach-side, and of course, sales!

Image credit: http://depositphotos.com